Emotionally Charged Bible Accounts


Biblical Event

What is happening in the Bible story?

What emotion/s might have been experienced?

What emotion might you experience in a similar situation?


Genesis 20

Abraham is afraid and adjusts his story and approach to seek safety. Fear



When you face a situation that seems impossible, do you ever feel afraid and anxious?

How does your body experience fear (i.e. heart palpitations, clenched teeth, stiff body)?

Genesis 43: 30-31

Joseph sees his younger brother for the first time after a long time of separation and trauma.





What emotions surface when you encounter a situation tied to prior painful life event?

John 11: 1-36 (especially 33-36)

Jesus weeps over the grief of his friends at the death of Lazarus. Sadness, compassion, love How do you experience grief?

How do you respect the emotions of others who are grieving?

Acts 23:1-5

Paul is being accused of leading Gentiles away from Moses. Anger

Defensiveness Urgency


What happens when you feel threatened?

Acts 28:11-15

Paul describes his feelings at the sight of others. Encouragement


What happens when you are with others where you belong, connect, and matter?

2 Corinthians 11:28

Paul describes pressure for the people, his work, his hopes, and dreams. Anxiety



How does physical fatigue affect emotional pain and discomfort?

How do your expectations affect the state of your emotions?

Philippians 2:28

Paul sends Epaphroditus







What do you need from others to provide a secure

base of support for you to be all you are designed to be?

1 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Paul is uncomfortable with not knowing the fate of those in Thessalonica. Fear


How do wait for an uncertain outcome?
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